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Marketing library services: Customer relationship

Posted by LIS Leadership Forum on November 16, 2018 at 5:55 AM Comments comments (19)
Marketing library services: Customer relationship Customer is king in market driven society. We living in the atmosphere of everything need to be market, if product or process owner fail to market it in the highly competitive world, its failure of invention or draw attention of consumers or users. Library is not away from marketing its services to user community in order to reach out everyone and ensure optimum utilization of the resources and services. Now a day�??s respect to academic and public libraries reduced footfalls. Reason may be internet, technological advancement and more engagement in social media�??s. When I was a student, during that time there is no internet and computers are slowly penetrating. Our only option is to, go to library for our academic and recreation purpose. Now that space has been taken over by social media platform and their academic resources available in other means, made them to not to visit library physically. In fact, some student during their academic period visits library for taking no dues or mandatory purpose. They enthusiastically not going libraries. Due to lot of advancement in IT revolution, libraries can reach each individual user without they visiting library, but still you won�??t feel without visiting library and reading material over there by spending couple of hours. It was common phenomenon in earlier days, now students don�??t have much patience to visit library and prepare their notes and relevant academic pursuit purpose, some institutions exception to this because of their academic programs. In this scenario, librarian or who is heading department having huge challenge to marketing existing resources. If they have not market it effectively what is the use of keeping all the knowledge materials and maintaining it with professional staff. When you want to market it first and foremost thing is relationship. If you have maintained good relationship with your visiting customers or user community, it will make your task easy. Satisfied customers will become brand ambassador of library. how to make them satisfied customer is difficult task and takes long time, as need to create good impression by delivering effective services and ensure them there is no hindrances in getting requisite information and accessing existing facilities. Library staff should have friendly behavior with every visiting customer, develop good relationship with them. Over a period that will helps you to understand them better way and serve them appropriately. In some institutions library staff will not bother about visiting customers and just answer what they asking, beyond they will not go. In such cases it creates negative impression on overall growth of library. When customer approaches, you should engage with causal talk while serving, that will build bond and can make him or her to visit again and again library and increase spending hours in library. To keep customer�??s satisfaction and updating on relevant and novel things, we must learn from e-commerce firms like Amazon, flip kart etc. Maintaining customer relationship is inevitable, that bring lot of changes in library sources, services, growth, progress, expansion and building brand image. Feedbacks @ [email protected]


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Few like-minded friends have always talked about something to do for our profession and that should be different from what is already in existence. LIS-Leadership forum is the result of our consistent, constant, perseverance and persistent effort in that way.

Next challenge is we founded the forum and people also responded vehemently by becoming members of our forum and commenting our blog writings and supported our new initiatives too.

We asked ourselves, is it enough? Did we bring expected change, generated new thoughts and ideas among our generation professionals. In those lines, we have organized a workshop on “Leadership Skills”. When we decided to do the maiden program on leadership, I personally gained a lot experiences from finding a speaker to whom to invite, to what is the criteria to choose, to how the participants would react and so on.

But one thing we have clearly decided upon is that, there is a need to bring a new face into our workshop to share their experiences from our own profession, as participants would have seen all the accomplished people in our profession in varied occasions.

After a lot of search, finally we arrived at a young talent, blended with veteran professional along with main speaker. It was an immense satisfaction I have derived after concluding the session.

Friends, to do something worthy need lot of support and participation from your end. I request all professionals to come forward and participate in such a professional activities wherever it happens; forget about the group/organization/association/forum. Our responsibility is to show a lot of involvement for the change which we trying to bring in a small way.


Your comments to [email protected]


Best Regards,

Raghavendra R

[email protected]


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By Raghavendra R contact at [email protected]


Oration and Writing skills are basic and essential for leadership. Leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi and Winston Churchill set themselves as a paradigm of leadership and were also well known for their oratory and writing skills. Gandhiji don the role of editor of some dailies during freedom movement to awaken and educate mass to get engage in freedom movement. His oration and writing skill played unprecedented role in motive people to fight against British is evident in history. Abraham Lincoln doesn?t received formal education and educated himself by reading borrowed books from public library. His true leadership talent elevated him to US presidential position and still people of US revered him as a great leader. Winston Churchill led the Great Britain victory in Second World War and one of the renowned world leader. But many people don?t know that he was suffering from stammering and it overcome by adopting his own strategies. World recognized him greatest orator and writer, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature in the year 1953. The reason behind cite these leaders story is to every person is encounter lot of herculean task to emerge as a leader proved that leaders are not born. Till day world leaders remember these leaders in their talks and deliveries and pronounces still relevancy of their ideas and views on different issues.


We library professionals must and should cultivate the culture of writing and oration to become leaders of tomorrow, of our profession or our society. Depends on individual persistent efforts and perception of life how they mould and views. Friends, start now writing and practice of speaking everyday in-front of mirror to overcome inhibition, to gain fluency and confidence about yourself. Two are elementary elements to any leader, it would evident also, of you can take any famous leaders in the world are excellent in oration and writing or who have the command of these areas emerged as leader. To address the various issues and convey the same to victims in understandable manner needs lucid writing and speaking skills. You can write for self-gratification and thrown out the feelings of how the other react to your writing. If you keep carry this character you never learn the art of writing. To commit mistakes in the process of new learning is quite common. I would like to quote one of the world?s famous best selling author ?Robert Kiyosaki? lines ?Dare to make mistake?. Unless you are not attempt, how can evaluate yours work is good or bad. Learn to write abundantly and its pressure enters in to deep it would lead you to maturity in your process. If one could have the talent of fair writing would help to migrate lucrative package positions viz content-manager, content-writer, e-learning co-coordinator, freelance writer, blog writer, correspondent to any news portal or channels or dailies etc. If your mood and mind not inclined to leadership, one can arrest and harness writing skill in these areas to find new and alternative avenues in their career.


Latest instance is US president Barack Obama raised to post of President through his oratory and writing skill, which build his leadership.

Writing and oration is like two phases of single coin. If anyone have the dream of become leaders of future needs to accustom. But definitely it would ignite some of the creative minds of forum, and who knows some of forum members may achieve something big in their life. Time is the best answer to??????

Leadership Qualities for Future Library Leaders

Posted by LIS Leadership Forum on June 16, 2009 at 12:54 AM Comments comments (0)

Carol?s 10 Steps to Being a Great

Library Leader

? ?as a leader you can never say thank you

enough, but even more important is the idea

of serving the people you are leading. Being

a leader can be a very humbling experience.?

Step #1: Find a good mentor/ BE a good mentor

Step #2: Learn how to follow first

Step #3: Be Visionary

Step #4: Be a Good Servant

Step #5: Take risks

Step #6: Take care of yourself

Step #7: Maintain a positive attitude

Step #8: Never turn down a leadership position?even if it means managing your kid?s soccer team

Step #9: Learn how to motivate people effectively

Step #10: Keep your sense of humor!


This article is wrtten by :

Carol A. Brey-Casiano

Director of Libraries, El Paso Public Library

Detailed article is available at


Posted by: Dr. Dinesh K. S.

                    [email protected]

Necessity of the Self-confidence in Profession

Posted by LIS Leadership Forum on June 2, 2009 at 1:22 AM Comments comments (2)

Necessity of the Self-confidence in Profession

By Raghavendra R contact at [email protected]


Self-confidence is main component for any individual to achieve greater heights in their life and respective domains. Particularly in Library and Information science profession, the most lacking is self-confidence. Many of library and information science professionals did their post graduation to begin their career and some of them get

into training in reputed institutions to put their carrier in right path. Having completed all these qualifications and professional trainings, they failed to demonstrate the very confidence on their face and as well in executing professional assignments/task of their respective jobs/organization. The person failed to convince himself/herself, couldn't convince others as well. We may get our degree from the institution/ university, as like other gets in different streams but what makes others different from ours?. Today, Library and Information Science professionals don't face the unemployment problem as in comparison to the other professions, certainly remuneration depends on individual skill and talent but everyone have the opportunities. I would like to capture here few my few friends experience; they have sound knowledge about profession but their inhibition led efforts fails to attract management to acknowledge the efforts put-in. Due to the lack of self belief on their own strength, efforts, suspicious of their own ability and compare themselves with others put them in anxiety situation which gives raise to the failure. Those who are confident about themselves, succeeds in projecting themselves effectively in convincing others, which helps building their own image. Always building positive image in the eyes of others is more important that would carry further and put the individuals in the path of success. Many professionals talking about the aspect of no one is respecting LIS professionals just because of we are in Library science domain.

Respect which comes from the person's personality not from he/she belongs to particular profession. We can't judge persons caliber on his/her profession. In India unfortunately we are not have the inspiring personalities from Library and Information Science, though few might exist, but the sad part is 'we unable to notice them'. Self-confidence, self-motive, self-initiative, self-help always push individuals to self reliant and the ability to get-the-things-done makes anyone feel proud about themselves. Today our young librarians have to cultivate these traits/attributes to eradicate the negative feelings about the profession and look beyond to achieve greatest things blending Library and information science knowledge with many more skill sets. This positive spirit emanates when one who is more confident about himself/herself.


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By Raghavendra R contact at [email protected]


Generally we talk about leaders and leadership immediately some famous internationally reputed personalities names flashes in our mind. Every person has the leadership qualities but only few of them become leaders as they takes risk for the cause of group or mass to evolve as. We have lack to notice the leaders residing next to our house or sitting next us in organization, as we had the impression of mass leaders. Leader’s personality appeals vary from individual perception but sure everybody admires one leadership in their mind it might be either of parents or neighbourhood or teacher. Everybody have the leadership qualities but need to bring it out to prove their leadership capabilities. To define leadership is varies from person to person some people loyal to some one is not leadership. True leadership is personality that is a blend of some valuable traits of integrity, tranquillity, righteousness, simplicity ect. True leaders never sought respect from anybody, their personality commands admiration and appreciation from public that made them to follow and embrace views and ideas of his/her. Chief ingredient of true leader is to ignore self interest and prejudice kind of approach, always contemplates on mass benefit or fight for the cause of profession. Leaders never let people who engaged in flattering and cajoling for their personal gains and move to next level or secure better position in profession and who entertains that also a not true leader. If they claim means their perception of leadership is wrong.

World has given so many leaders but remembers only few as their impact is much high compare to others or their simple style of living and their preaching and practice is same. Gandhji is only leader we can see in India not let his family members to use his name for their prospect and progression in their life and not let them to use him as their own property. Because of this attitude of Gandhiji, one can find followers across the world and his views are still relevant. S. R. Ranganathan always remains top in our profession even though lot of ICT influenced abundant changes in our profession. His tremendous contribution of our profession by giving Five laws and Indigenous classification system unprecedented. Till date as my personal opinion we have not seen the leader like him in our profession though few of them achieved. Even non-professionals also knew him indicates his personality reached outside the library profession.

Particularly to our profession, leadership skill needed as we interacting with people of different walks of life. In the changing phase of professional roles and variety of domains and business models entered in market poses fresh challenges to our profession. To handle and move with latest trends to deliver services to customers required negotiation and articulation skills. I must admit that leader have all these qualities.

CRM Practices brings brand image to LIC

Posted by LIS Leadership Forum on May 13, 2009 at 1:30 AM Comments comments (5)

CRM Practices brings brand image to LIC

By Raghavendra, [email protected]


Present market driven society largely depends on customer satisfaction and loyalty to sustain their presence in market and remain customer friendly among competitors. Service industries mainly depend on their customers service and relationship to enhance business and to reach out more new and new clients to add existing list. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool popular in the present business trend as majority of the service industry implemented this technique to remain number one is their segment and also brings new changes in its services and products. Library and Information centres come under the service sector need to adopt CRM technique to improve in its overall service and products development. Basically libraries are categorised into four kinds viz Public, Academic, Industrial and Research and Development. Collection, services, information products and clients varies from these different libraries according to organization purpose. Recent surveys predict that reading habit decreased in students and more spent time in cyber centres to chat with friends or surfing mail only few among them using it for professional enrichment. Librarian/Manager priority is to taken care of every visiting library customer demands and requirements. Only satisfied customer could be the repeated customers and influence others to make use of library and information centres services and products at large extent.

Many of the university libraries wore desert look without expected number of students, research scholars and teaching and no-teaching faculties reduced library visiting by saying so many reason of improper arrangement or library not equipped to deliver expected service or library staff not cooperative. To implement CRM method in Library and Information centres not required any dedicated and available software’s in the market. Most of the libraries in present days automated with available local software to open software, to manage routine activities of department it facilitate to track all the operations. CRM tool ultimate goal is customer’s satisfaction and loyalty. To nurture these characters in LIC make use of automation software to analyse customers demands and expectations through statistics that help to design prototype of how to carry out CRM implementation. Earlier customers are having much patience to wait for addressing queries or delivering services. The invasion of ICT made everyone (library customers) to access needed information without wasting the time, it thrown challenge to library services to adopt novel method to satisfy. In this juncture librarian/Manager has to play key role to retain existing customer and add new customer through deliver satisfactory services to them. Only happiest customer visits the library again and again and brings their friends to also. Later they converted into loyal customers would bring brand image to the LIC. Library staff behaviour is crucial to understand customer’s requirements and expectations. Especially library staffs who work in help desk/circulation counter have the chances of interact customers regularly should not replies in sulk way or just shows fingers at someone else to transfer their responsibility to their queries or assistance if they sought.

Library customers are responsible for anything get changes either in information products, infrastructure and services. To understand customers better more interaction with them is inevitable, it would assist library staff to deliver requisite information to them on time. To improve customer relationship professionals need to change their attitude and approach to convert library and information centres into most knowledge happening place for them.

Best Leadership Quotes...

Posted by LIS Leadership Forum on April 24, 2009 at 4:47 AM Comments comments (3)

Dear Professional Friends,


Best Leadership Quotes...


"Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things."


-Peter F. Drucker


"Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results."


-George S. Patton


"Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it."


-Dwight Eisenhower 


Posted by: Dr. Dinesh K. S.

                    [email protected]

Library Leadership Network Peer Panel by Loriene Roy

Posted by LIS Leadership Forum on April 21, 2009 at 5:11 AM Comments comments (0)
  • What is the one biggest issue facing libraries today?
Dealing with change--in our patron demographics, rate of [assimilating] technological resources, workforce changes and finances.
  • How does this issue affect you and your organization?
Personally: each of us has a greater need to stay informed, expand continuing education, seek and employ new avenues/methods of communication. Change impacts LIS programs. Student demographics have changed: younger students are entering programs. While they have strong academic skills, they may lack life experience. This makes student advising more important.
  • How critical/threatening is this issue?
Response to change is critical to the survival of our profession and ourselves. Resistance may not mean elimination but certainly will affect the public's impression (and potential support) of libraries.
  • What should be done to address this issue (by you and others)?
Adoption of technologies, discussion, interdisciplinarity, seeking out new partnerships and holding on to successful ones.

Posted by: Dr. Dinesh K. S.

                    [email protected]