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Posted by LIS Leadership Forum on May 21, 2009 at 11:52 PM


By Raghavendra R contact at [email protected]


Generally we talk about leaders and leadership immediately some famous internationally reputed personalities names flashes in our mind. Every person has the leadership qualities but only few of them become leaders as they takes risk for the cause of group or mass to evolve as. We have lack to notice the leaders residing next to our house or sitting next us in organization, as we had the impression of mass leaders. Leader’s personality appeals vary from individual perception but sure everybody admires one leadership in their mind it might be either of parents or neighbourhood or teacher. Everybody have the leadership qualities but need to bring it out to prove their leadership capabilities. To define leadership is varies from person to person some people loyal to some one is not leadership. True leadership is personality that is a blend of some valuable traits of integrity, tranquillity, righteousness, simplicity ect. True leaders never sought respect from anybody, their personality commands admiration and appreciation from public that made them to follow and embrace views and ideas of his/her. Chief ingredient of true leader is to ignore self interest and prejudice kind of approach, always contemplates on mass benefit or fight for the cause of profession. Leaders never let people who engaged in flattering and cajoling for their personal gains and move to next level or secure better position in profession and who entertains that also a not true leader. If they claim means their perception of leadership is wrong.

World has given so many leaders but remembers only few as their impact is much high compare to others or their simple style of living and their preaching and practice is same. Gandhji is only leader we can see in India not let his family members to use his name for their prospect and progression in their life and not let them to use him as their own property. Because of this attitude of Gandhiji, one can find followers across the world and his views are still relevant. S. R. Ranganathan always remains top in our profession even though lot of ICT influenced abundant changes in our profession. His tremendous contribution of our profession by giving Five laws and Indigenous classification system unprecedented. Till date as my personal opinion we have not seen the leader like him in our profession though few of them achieved. Even non-professionals also knew him indicates his personality reached outside the library profession.

Particularly to our profession, leadership skill needed as we interacting with people of different walks of life. In the changing phase of professional roles and variety of domains and business models entered in market poses fresh challenges to our profession. To handle and move with latest trends to deliver services to customers required negotiation and articulation skills. I must admit that leader have all these qualities.

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