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Necessity of the Self-confidence in Profession

Posted by LIS Leadership Forum on June 2, 2009 at 1:22 AM

Necessity of the Self-confidence in Profession

By Raghavendra R contact at [email protected]


Self-confidence is main component for any individual to achieve greater heights in their life and respective domains. Particularly in Library and Information science profession, the most lacking is self-confidence. Many of library and information science professionals did their post graduation to begin their career and some of them get

into training in reputed institutions to put their carrier in right path. Having completed all these qualifications and professional trainings, they failed to demonstrate the very confidence on their face and as well in executing professional assignments/task of their respective jobs/organization. The person failed to convince himself/herself, couldn't convince others as well. We may get our degree from the institution/ university, as like other gets in different streams but what makes others different from ours?. Today, Library and Information Science professionals don't face the unemployment problem as in comparison to the other professions, certainly remuneration depends on individual skill and talent but everyone have the opportunities. I would like to capture here few my few friends experience; they have sound knowledge about profession but their inhibition led efforts fails to attract management to acknowledge the efforts put-in. Due to the lack of self belief on their own strength, efforts, suspicious of their own ability and compare themselves with others put them in anxiety situation which gives raise to the failure. Those who are confident about themselves, succeeds in projecting themselves effectively in convincing others, which helps building their own image. Always building positive image in the eyes of others is more important that would carry further and put the individuals in the path of success. Many professionals talking about the aspect of no one is respecting LIS professionals just because of we are in Library science domain.

Respect which comes from the person's personality not from he/she belongs to particular profession. We can't judge persons caliber on his/her profession. In India unfortunately we are not have the inspiring personalities from Library and Information Science, though few might exist, but the sad part is 'we unable to notice them'. Self-confidence, self-motive, self-initiative, self-help always push individuals to self reliant and the ability to get-the-things-done makes anyone feel proud about themselves. Today our young librarians have to cultivate these traits/attributes to eradicate the negative feelings about the profession and look beyond to achieve greatest things blending Library and information science knowledge with many more skill sets. This positive spirit emanates when one who is more confident about himself/herself.

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Reply Miss Charu Mathur
11:19 AM on June 3, 2009 
Dear Raghavendra, offocurse you are very much right that mere stepping up of academic ladder is not cent per cent guarantee of acquiring respect and honor also. One should develop his/her image by working style and techniques, where earned qualification may be helpful in some manner. But the comedy of our profession is that Library arena is much least concerned and cared than any other dept in the organisation or institution, be it Academic institute of any level or any other professional institute of any nature,,,, all are having and carrying the same mentality,,,,,,,, irrespective of sincerity of lis professionals,,,,, they are neglected or least bothered in the environment, Offcourse,,,, we all are responsible to some extent only,,,,,,,,, I cant deny this fact out rightly that adoption of positive attitude can bring the sea change in the situation,, but my dear friend only for some time,,,,,,, again the person has to force swim with the current for survival ??

Thanks for such nice and informative post,,,,,,,,,,
Reply Srud
1:24 PM on June 14, 2010 
Sir i do completely agree with your ideas. Lack of self confidence is one of the major drawbcks of professionals in our field. Since ours is a service field, a confident and approachable personality is indespensible. Attempts should be made to improve the levels of self confidence among our professionals.